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Yoga is an important activity at Voices GY. Yoga helps people to better manage their physical and mental health. Many migrants (and Guyanese) are under a lot of stress and anxiety. Migrants are particularly vulnerable to stress situations as a result of their living conditions and other factors, such as higher rates of unemployment, domestic violence, and more. 

Voices GY expandió su programa de salud mental en 2021, siguiendo el piloto del año 2020 colaborando con diversas agencias de desarrollo. 

Join our free yoga classes at the National Park


Meet your instructor

Hello yogis, 

My name is Natasha, I am a well-being enthusiast, a trainee psychologist and I enjoy supporting others so they are able to enhance their emotional and physical health..

I have been practicing yoga for the last 13 years and since completing my 200 hours Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificate with Santosha Yoga School in Bali, I have been teaching it as well.

I  have a passion for languages and classes can accommodate Spanish, French, English and Portuguese speakers. Yoga has been found to activate people’s parasympathetic nervous system known as the ‘rest and digest’  system, helping in reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. My yoga teaching strategy seeks to increase my students’ ability to become emotionally balanced by promoting self-compassion and self-awareness throughout the class. 

See you on the mat! 

Best wishes, 


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