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Our classes:

You will be assigned to a group class of a max. 10 students. You will have 2 lessons per week and you must commit another 2-3 hours of self-study in addition to your classes each week. Homework and activities complement the learning process and the results depends on your commitment to practice what you learn in class. 

Our classes are conversation focused. This means you will have the opportunity to speak in class and talk with your teacher and classmates about day-to-day topics. This course is an opportunity to improve confidence with speaking skills. Through our teaching methods, you will be able to put in practice the content taught during your final capstone project! 

Remember: we are not a language school. We are a non-profit organisation and our aim is to strengthen social inclusion and to promote cultures and languages. For this reason, we are going to introduce you to the real latino culture!

Our teachers are all native Spanish speakers

Your enrolment in this course will support us to continue in the long-term as one of the leading NGOs in the areas of languages and culture in Guyana.

All classes are online


Group classes (max. 10 students)

1 term (10 weeks): $30,000 GYD or 150 USD
2 terms (20 weeks): $55,000 GYD or 275 USD
You can pay by card, deposit or by cash.

Private classes (conversation)

10 classes: $40,000 GYD or 200 USD
20 classes: $70,000 GYD or 350 USD
1 class: $4,500 GYD

Registration is currently

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