Project Researcher - Comparative International Development

About Voices GY

Voices GY is a registered Guyanese non-profit organisation, active since April 2018. Our mission is to strengthen social cohesion, cultural integration and human rights in the country through targeted projects and partnerships. As an organisation, we are founded on a community-based approach towards a more cohesive and inclusive Guyana. Previous projects have included English tuition for migrants and refugees; support through training and grants to migrant entrepreneurs; regional needs assessments on education and social integration; mental health support; social cohesion events; and multimedia productions on minority rights and cultures.

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Guyana is a country located in the Atlantic coast of the north-east of South America. Formerly known as British Guyana, this now independent country is one of the fastest growing economies in the world in terms of infrastructure, economy and income, reduction of external debt and improvement of services in general. 

Recently, oil explorations have been initiated in this country located in the so-called ‘Guiana shield’ . Oil production started in December 2019 and it will be one of its main income activities in the following years. Other extractives industries are also important for the country and have been one of the main income sources for the same (approximately +9% of GDP). Gold, diamond and Bauxite are some of the metals and minerals that can be found in Guyana. Other industries such as agriculture, livestocks and manufacturing of food products have also been very important for Guyana. 

Because of those new developments in the country, Voices GY would like to collaborate and ensure that a growing economy will lead to positive environmental and social impacts and to reduce the effects or risks of negative impacts. Those collaborations need to be developed with current stakeholders in the private, public and governmental sector including international cooperation. Experiences of other countries are very relevant in terms of reduction of poverty, implementation of livelihood activities and improvement of services such as education, health and transportation. 

The People’s Republic of China has been implementing its poverty alleviation policies in the last decade. In the last 40 years, more than 700 million people in China have been lifted out of poverty contributing over 70% to global poverty reduction. President Xi Jinping announced in an official ceremony earlier this year China’s eradication of extreme poverty. 

One of the key areas of work for Voices GY is to improve peoples’ lives and to empower communities. This includes economic empowerment of communities, especially rural communities. We are looking for a person to study at these experiences and how those policies were implemented, monitored and successfully achieved. 

About the role

    The Project Researcher will gather information about policies and programs implemented by the Government, CSOs, Community organizations, Foundations and other relevant organizations and institutions to alleviate poverty with special focus on livelihood activities. The research needs to be done in a period of 2-4 weeks as maximum and will deliver a report of maximum 10 pages as a summary of the research. Recommendations for Voices GY will need to be included in the document to implement similar programs in Guyana. 


Duties and Responsibilities

  • To participate in meetings with Voices GY management as and when required.

  • To represent Voices GY in communication with a range of third-party actors, including institutional stakeholders, universities, NGOs and CSOs. 

  • To research and gather information online and by telephone. 

  • To analyze and conclude key information and data. 

  • To design graphs and other data graphics for reporting. 

  • To develop a final summary report. 

  • To present findings to Voices GY Management staff. 



  • Education: An undergraduate degree in a related field and 1+ years’ experience in researching and analyzing data OR a postgraduate degree in a related field. 

  • Experience: in the areas of China’s development, international development, small business & entrepreneurship, livelihoods support and humanitarian assistance, economic development, community empowerment, or other similar areas.

  • Languages: Ability to communicate in spoken English and Chinese (desirable)

  • Experience working with multiple stakeholders including CSOs, government institutions and universities. 

  • Experience with remote work is a plus.

  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) and Google Drive

  • Strong communication and teamwork skills, punctuality and self-drive

  • Experience with research is a plus.


*This is a remote and part-time position*


To Apply

    To apply, send the following documents to by 12 midday on Friday 12th March. Applicants who fail to provide all documents will not be considered.

  • Cover Letter

  • CV

  • Contact details for 1 referee (email and telephone)


Voices GY is not only an Equal Opportunities Employer – diversity is at the root of all that we do and strive for. We welcome applicants of all backgrounds and identities to apply and enrich the work we undertake.