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Documents and Publications

Access Voices GY's latest documents and publications by clicking on the respective file icons

Directory of Venezuelan Micro-Businesses
(May 2022)

Over three cohorts from April 2020, Voices GY and IOM Guyana have supported more than 50 Venezuelan entrepreneurs to establish and strengthen their micro-businesses. Download the directory to learn about some of them!

Intercultural & Bilingual Education in Guyana
(May 2022)

Following on from Voices GY's pilot Intercultural and Bilingual Education (IBE) initiative in the Barima-Waini Region in 2021, this publication lays out the potential and opportunities for further IBE interventions in the context of the Venezuelan migration crisis, as well as setting out recommendations for the implementation of such initiatives.

Engaging Migrants in Guyana
(May 2022)

Engaging Migrants in Guyana is a guide for government and humanitarian organisations wishing to better include migrant voices in decision making. Through presenting eight tips and numerous recommendations, it is hoped that migrants can play a greater role in leading initiatives that seek to benefit their own communities.

Needs Assessment of Education for Venezuelans, Returning Guyanese and Venezuelan Warrau in the Mabaruma Sub-District of Region 1 (March 2019)

The present Needs Assessment is the result of consultations with 261 persons in 15 villages and communities over an 18-day period from March-April, 2019. The Assessment sought to evaluate, through a range of interviews and focus group discussions, obstacles towards the enrolment and adequate education of VRGW schoolchildren in the subdistrict of Mabaruma. This report presents the results of this Needs Assessment.

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