Pana's bakery

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Two brothers, Andrea and Andrés, are starting one of the first Venezuelan bakeries in Georgetown, the Capital city of Guyana. They will offer new flavors to Guyanese and residents in Central Georgetown and surrounding areas. 

Family's Fruit and Veg Store

Located in Grove, East Bank Demerara, two families are selling one of the freshest vegetables and fruits from that area. José, one of the entrepreneurs of Family's, grew up in a family dedicated to work in agriculture while he was living in Venezuela. 




TechniGuyana is a service of computer, laptop and cellphone reparation and maintenance. Luis have been more than 10 years working in the tech industry and now, he wants to help people in Georgetown in repairing, installing new softwares or maintaining devices to extend their life-cycle. 

The Authentic Ham

In Guyana, it is difficult and almost impossible to find good quality ham and local made. These three friends, Willy, Javier and Oswaldo had started this local ham production to engage the local community with new and healthier products made in base of pork, chicken and turkey. 


Sammy's General Welding Workshop


Sammy's workshop is located in Tushen, East Coast Essequibo, Region 3. Swedat Sammy is Guyanese, but lived in Venezuela and now returned to Guyana. He has a lot of experience working as a welder, mainly with some family members and friends. Today, he is proud of having his own welding workshop. 

Luna's Natural Foods

Luz (Luna for her friends and clients) had this idea of a healthy food stand in Guyana. She has a daughter who suffer digestive problems, so she decided to provide healthier food to her daughter, but at the same time delicious! Now, her clients can eat without sin. 


Eucari Hair and Beauty


Eucari have been working with a lot of clients in Central Georgetown. Now she provides services such as hair cut for women, men and children, hair coloring services, nail care for hands and feet, among other services and hair treatments

Mr. Pierre Fast Food

Leon Pierre and his wife are making one of the best hot-dogs/ perros calientes and burgees in Georgetown. They are located at the Square of the Revolution. So, if you are close by, go and ask for extra salsa picante!



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EMTS is a small business with focus on helping people to repair and maintain computers, laptops, iPads, cellphones and similar devices. Alejandro, the owner, also has experience y repairing A/C, microwaves and other electric and electronic devices. 

Sustainable in the long-term

Small Businesses in Guyana for Migrants and Refugees

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