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Project Assistant (Education) - full-time

About Voices GY

Voices GY is a registered Guyanese non-profit organisation, active since April 2018. Our mission is to strengthen social cohesion, cultural integration and human rights in the country through targeted projects and partnerships. As an organisation, we are founded on a community-based approach towards a more cohesive and inclusive Guyana. Previous projects have included English tuition for migrants and refugees; support through training and grants to migrant entrepreneurs; regional needs assessments on education and social integration; mental health support; social cohesion events; and multimedia productions on minority rights and cultures.


Without minimum English-language capabilities, refugees and migrants in Guyana are subject to increased vulnerability and exclusion in multiple areas. Important information pertaining to rights (including education, citizenship, employment, laws, etc.) is largely inaccessible, whereas the abilities of refugees and migrants to integrate effectively into Guyanese society and form networks of support is curtailed. 

A recent survey of 187 individuals undertaken by Voices GY found that 56% of migrant parents identified difficulties with the English language as a barrier to their childrens’ education; whereas 40% declared themselves unable to communicate with their children’s tutors. Furthermore, 18% of respondents claimed to be discriminated against in their community and the same percentage declared that they did not have Guyanese friends. Language barriers are often one of the key cultural and communicational obstacles for integration and acceptance.

About the role

Voices GY has played a key role in providing language support in Guyana in recent years. Among the organisation’s key activities are the provision of ESL classes, free of cost, to refugees and migrants in Guyana since early 2019; representing the first course of its type to be implemented in Guyana. 

As of April 2020, Voices GY has been implementing online classes to navigate the challenges of COVID-19. The first course, for 70 persons, was followed by the current course (supported by PADF and UNHCR Guyana) to extend tuition to 135 refugee children and adults. In the process, Voices GY has developed tailor-made curriculums and class materials; mobilised support from qualified international teaching volunteers; and developed accessibility procedures to support vulnerable migrants experiencing technical challenges. 

The course, which now represents the largest of its type and most successful in the Caribbean region, entered a new phase from January 2021 to cater to at least 165 adults and children. The Project Assistant will play a key role in all phases of the course, including: enrolment; publicity; communication with beneficiaries and partners; training and communication with staff and volunteers; curriculum and class design; and organisation of graduation events. In this role, the Project Assistant will be in constant communication with the Voices GY coordination and will work under the supervision of the Project Manager.  The Project Assistant will also be involved in the decision making and activities involved in other educational projects undertaken by the organisation.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist in the design and implementation of the student outreach and enrollment process.

  • Create and disseminate course flyers, publicity and forms.

  • Provide follow-up with non-attending students on a weekly basis

  • Maintain regular interaction with the Project Manager and participate in meetings with partners, team members and volunteer teachers.

  • Undertake teacher observations periodically throughout the course.

  • Provide technical guidance and training to teachers in both formal training sessions and on-demand.

  • Manage and administrate student WhatsApp groups.

  • Prepare and submit timely financial and accounting reports to the Project Manager on a monthly basis.

  • Assist in the organisation of termly teacher events (best practices, trainings and teacher socials)

  • Assist in the procurement of volunteer teachers.

  • Provide guidance in the development of new course curriculums

  • Create PowerPoint class presentations in line with Voices GY format guidelines for new courses.

  • Provide internet bundles and top-ups to students with connectivity difficulties and submit invoices.

  • Provide input and assistance with other education projects by Voices GY as and when required.



  • Education: An undergraduate degree in a related field and 2+ years’ experience

  • Experience: in the areas of Education; ESL and language tuition; Migration; and/or Humanitarian Assistance.

  • Languages: Ability to communicate in English and Spanish

  • Working ability in the use of Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), Google Drive, Zoom and WhatsApp

  • Strong communication and teamwork skills, punctuality and self-drive

  • Experience working remotely is a plus

*This position is full-time and based in Georgetown, Guyana*

To Apply

To apply, send the following documents to by 12 midday on Wednesday 23rd June. Applicants who fail to provide all documents will not be considered.

  • Cover Letter

  • CV

  • Contact details for 2 referees (email and telephone)


Voices GY is not only an Equal Opportunities Employer – diversity is at the root of all that we do and strive for. We welcome applicants of all backgrounds and identities to apply and enrich the work we undertake.

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